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New Website

Today, 9/20/2016, we are announcing a new and improved AJA website to better serve the Corrections Community and our members.
For the past two years, the AJA staff has been putting together a better online experience with more features, a richer user interface, and an easier to use members-only section. The new site will have something for everyone. As we make the switch, we must turn off the member interface to account information. The remainder of the website is up and running and will continue to offer content as it always has.

Members with an urgent need to update payment or profile information, should contact AJA headquarters by phone or email to make changes.

On October 3, everything will be turned back on, but with a new look, features and accessibility. Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. Stand by for the new and improved website experience beginning on October 3.

Thank you,
The AJA Staff