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Who are AJA Members?

  • Sheriffs
  • Jail administrators
  • Sworn and civilian correctional staff at all levels
  • Judges
  • Attorneys
  • County commissioners
  • Police lockup personnel
  • Educators
  • Criminal Justice personnel
  • Correctional health/mental health care professionals
  • County, City, State, and Federal government officials
  • Students
  • Jail inspection officials
  • Clergy members
  • People who supply products and services to jails
  • Individuals concerned with the safety of their communities AND their correctional staff
  • Retirees


American Jail Association is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those who work in and operate our Nation’s jails. We accomplish this by providing training and professional development, educational resources, personal certification, publications, networking opportunities, and advocacy at the State and Federal level—all designed to increase professionalism in the field and to help jails and detention facilities be safer for both staff and inmates.

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NEW Membership Rewards Program

The membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Membership Benefits:

  • American Jails - the only award-winning, bimonthly magazine dedicated solely to issues facing jail professionals. Online issues are also available to AJA members.
  • AJAlert - our weekly e-newsletter designed to update our members on news and issues of importance to jail facilities, as well as provide the latest news from AJA.
  • Savings on: 
    • Professional development seminars.
    • Online education opportunities.
    • Publications.
    • Training materials (print and video).
    • Registration fee for the AJA Annual Training Conference & Jail Expo.
    • Application fees for our Certified Jail Manager, Certified Jail Officer, and Certified Correctional Trainer programs.
  • Networking - opportunities to gain knowledge from industry professionals across the country - one of your best sources of information.
  • Resources - access to such valuable information as the PREA Resource Center, Career Center, Jail Directory, Product & Services Directory, and the online version of American Jails magazine
  • Plus much more!

Membership Categories

Professional Membership

(Individuals working in law enforcement and corrections)

Annual dues:
$48.00 for U.S. Membership (Apply Now!)
$54.00 for Canadian Membership (Apply Now!)
$66.00 for Foreign Country Membership (Apply Now!)

An AJA Individual Membership is an investment in both you and your career. In addition to the benefits listed above, individual members receive a membership certificate, AJA lapel pin, and member card.

Life Membership

One-Time dues: $500.00 - Apply Now!

Life Members recognize that supporting AJA’s work is essential to the health and growth of their professional community. As a Life Member of AJA, you are showing your commitment to the ongoing development of the corrections profession.  We offer both single payment and pro-rated options to fit your budget. Anyone qualified to be an Individual or Retiree Member is also qualified to be a Life Member and receive AJA’s American Jails, weekly AJAlert e-newsletter, lifetime member card, plaque, and special lifetime member pin, in addition to a lifetime of discounts on AJA conferences, events, and resources.

Retiree Membership

Annual dues: $36.00 (U.S. Membership only) - Apply Now!

A person is eligible to be an AJA Retiree Member if he/she has retired from corrections or from employment with any organization that provides services to the field of corrections. This membership category helps keep members current on new developments in the field. Retirees receive a special discount on attendance at AJA’s Annual Training Conference & Jail Expo. You’ll also receive the American Jails magazine and weekly AJAlert e-newsletter.

Now is the time to join this dynamic and influential network of individuals, agencies, and organizations who share your interests, goals, and concerns.

Student Membership

Annual dues: $15.00 (U.S. Membership only) - Apply Now!

This special membership level is available to full-time students not currently employed in the field of corrections. Student membership can open the door to such opportunities as networking with current jail professionals, keeping up with the latest happenings in the field, and receiving a special discount for attendance at AJA’s Annual Training Conference & Jail Expo. Student members receive the American Jails magazine, AJAlert e-newsletter, membership pin, certificate, and card. (A photocopy of your full-time student ID must accompany your application.)

Corporate Membership

Annual dues: $350.00 - Apply Now!

Corporate membership is available to companies providing products and services to jails. This beneficial membership category links your company to more than 3,200 jails and detention facilities in the United States through advertising, exhibiting, and sponsorship opportunities. If you are looking for a way to reach out to the jail market, our Jail Directory rental listing can help you introduce your products and/or services to agencies across the Nation. Corporate members receive a 15% discount for any ad in American Jails, five copies of American Jails, the weekly AJAlert e-newsletter, a membership certificate, an AJA pin, and a membership card.

Affiliate Membership

Annual dues: $100.00 - Apply Now!

Affiliate membership is available to private, nonprofit organizations. Take advantage of special benefits that include a discount on exhibit booth rental, recognition in AJA publications, certificate, pin, and membership card. American Jails and the weekly AJAlert e-newsletter are also included. (Evidence of nonprofit status must accompany your application.)

   Non-Member Account

If you do not wish to become a member at this time, but need an account to participate in any of our online services that require a login please signup here.

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Membership Benefits

Invest in your future, join AJA. We are committed to supporting your career and your profession! Access our Membership Application via PDF printout here.

When You Join AJA, You Invest in Your Career and Receive Immediate Returns. By being an AJA member, you are giving yourself very significant career advantages. You will have access to:

  • Numerous opportunities for continuing education, including training provided by the best and the brightest in the field;
  • Future trends and research on all facets of jail management and operations;
  • The opportunity to communicate with others from different regions of the country regarding issues and concerns specific to jail operations;
  • The award-winning, bimonthly, American Jails magazine designed to expose AJA members to modern jail conditions and provide techniques that encompass more than just locking people up;
  • Highly acclaimed training materials in written and video form. AJA's training materials are renowned for being professional, practical, and affordable.

By Joining AJA, You are Helping to Support & Advance Your Profession. AJA members have the opportunity to provide leadership by:

  • Writing articles for American Jails magazine;
  • Participating as instructors at our Annual Training Conference & Jail Expo, as well as at our regional seminars;
  • Serving on AJA committees;
  • Serving on the AJA Board of Directors.

AJA Membership Offers Opportunities for Professional Recognition. AJA recognizes its most dedicated members and devoted professionals by presenting them with awards at the Annual Training Conference & Jail Expo. Awards are given for:

  • Correctional Administrator of the Year
  • Correctional Supervisor of the Year
  • Correctional Officer of the Year
  • Civilian Employee of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year

As an AJA Member, You Will Have a Powerful National Network - which means personal contacts across the country with people who share you interests, goals, and concerns.

Jail staff have the unique responsibility of managing and supervising people who have been charged with, or convicted of, violating our laws. In addition to managing persons who are awaiting trial or serving sentences, jail staff have the difficult task of dealing with new arrestees, many of whom are intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs; and some of whom are suffering from mental illness, exhibiting suicidal behavior, or having any combination of these conditions. Many jails are crowded, understaffed, and are lacking adequate funding. The AJA network offers invaluable opportunities to find alternative solutions to problems by tapping the experience and resources of other AJA members.